Fas-Pak has a national reputation for high-quality, innovative packaging services.

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Formulate / Mix / Blend
Liquid Filling
Runs & Lead Times
Display Assembly & Packaging
Private Label

Develop a Product:

Fas-Pak, Inc. has many product development capabilities. Our integrated approach and quality systems enable multiple disciplines to work concurrently on your product development, greatly reducing development time and accelerating market launch. Fas-Pak reduces product development time, cost, and risk. We enable our customers to focus on delivering fantastic products to their marketplace.

Fas-Pak, Inc. has 8 State-of-the-Art Automatic Filling Lines along with many stations. We have over 200,000 Square Feet of Warehouse  Our top of the line inventory control allows on demand and custom customer reporting. With modern chemical analyzation and engineering methods we are able to formulate and blend the smallest to the largest amouts of most types of products.

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Formulate / Mix / Blend:

Fas-Pak, Inc. has experience in formulating, mixing, and blending a variety of products. We have an in-house lab along with state-of-the-art testing and development equipment. We also have Quality Control and Moisture Testing Facilities. Our chemist performs analysis and quality control tests for all the products. All products are tested by a lab technician to ensure that they meet product and/or customer specifications.

  • High-speed lines are capable of filling many different sizes of containers.
  • Containers can be labeled with pressure-sensitive labels, front and back or wraparound.
  • Products are filled by weight and volume.
  • Fill lines have the capability to fill, cap, induction seal, and seal and code cases.
  • Each container can be coded for traceability if needed.
  • Automated fill line is used for smaller packaged products.

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Liquid Filling:

Our 8 State-of-the-Art Automatic Filling Lines allow us to blend and fill, induction seal, label, and cap a wide variety of bottles and containers. Pressure sensitive labeling, paper labeling, foil sealing, and container coding are some features available. Fas-Pak, Inc. manufactures its own bottling and containers in-house.

Our Filling Lines can handle:

  • Industrial Products - Including Chemicals, Fuel Additives, Radiator Fluids/Additives, Motor Flush, Windshield Washer Fluids, Refrigerant/Engine/2-Cycle/Gear/Cutting Oil, Oil Treatments, Tapping Fluids, Chain Lubes, Stop Leak (Radiator & Engine), Fuel Stabilizers, Dyes, ATF, Automobile Washer/Waxes, Bearing Oils/Lubricants, Instrument/Gauge Fluids, Lens Polymer and more.
  • Consumer Products - Including Jewelry Cleaners, Hand Cleaners, Household & Industrial Cleaners, Bike Cleaners, Gun Lubes, and more.

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Runs & Lead Times:

 Fas-Pak, Inc. has typical lead times. Low prices and short lead times do not mean a sacrifice of quality or reliability. We have developed quality and reliability standards for the most demanding companies. The strength of our systems allows us to say that the last item of an order will look, measure, and serve just as the first.

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Display Assembly & Packaging:

Speed, accuracy, and reliability enabled us to keep pace with the growing demand for product packaging. Cutting edge technology, combined with superior service, has made Fas-Pak, Inc. a standard of excellence in the packaging industry. 

          At Fas-Pak, we think of ourselves as an extension of your company, part of the team that makes your products sell.
Our Team is well-trained and show pride in their work through the quality of the packaging they produce.

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Once the product arrives in our factory, containers are unloaded and transported to approved storage facilities. The product is then re-inspected by qualified professionals. After inspection, products are delivered to the warehouse or directly to our customers.

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 Fas-Pak, Inc. is always listening to its clients and working to find new ways to meet their needs. Today, when quality counts, more of our customers are looking for help with repackaging. We are offering a number of solutions and a commitment to a level of quality unmatched in the packaging industry.

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Private Label:

All Purpose Degreaser
All Purpose Household Cleaners
All Purpose Household Degreasers
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Automobile Washer/Waxes
Bearing Oils/Lubricants
Bike Cleaners
Brake Fluids
Bug and Tar Remover
2-Cycle Oil
Carburetor Cleaner
Car Care Kits
Chain Lubes
Chrome Cleaner
Cutting Oils
Diesel Fuel Optimizer
Diesel Fuel Storage Stabilizer
Diesel Fuel Water Absorber
Engine Oils
Fuel Additives
Floor Cleaners & Waxes
Fuel Injector Cleaners
Fuel Stabilizers
Gasoline Fuel Additives
Gas Fuel Line Anti-Freeze and Water Absorber
Gear Oils
Glass Cleaner
Gun Lubes
Hand Cleaners
Household & Industrial Cleaners
Instrument/Gauge Fluids
Jewelry Cleaners
Leather Conditioners & Cleaners
Leak Stop
Lens Polymer
Liquid Dish Washing Soap
Liquid Soap
Mag/Wire Wheel Cleaners
Metal Polishes/Cleaners
Motor Flush
Odor Removers
Oil Treatments
Pet Carpet Cleaner
Pet Odor Remover
Pet Stain Remover
Power Steering Fluid
Radiator Fluids/Additives
Radiator Flush
Radiator Sealer
Refrigerant Oils
Solvent Degreaser
Shock Oils
Stop Leak (Radiator & Engine)
Tapping Fluids
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Vinyl Cleaner
Whitewall Tire Cleaner
Windshield Washer Fluids

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